Online Journals & Other

Video of "How to Undo a Kiss" created by C. Trevien

Verse Daily: “What Do You Save,” 2018

Lascaux Review: 2 poems from No Such Thing as Distance, October 2018

Emrys Journal (online version): “Her Life was a Cliché,” July 2018

Valparaiso Poetry Review: “She Knows the Names of Shells,” Spring 2018

Drunk Monkeys: “Older than Barbie,” April 2018

Alyss: “Hat Envy,” February 2018

Front Porch Review: “Visitor,”  January 2018

diode: “What Will You Do, God, When I Die,” October 2017

Pedestal Magazine: “War Bride,” with audio, June 21 2017

Dunes Review: “L-Shaped House, Packard Avenue,” Spring 2017

Tinderbox Poetry Journal: “A White Room, A Piano,” with audio, March 2017

Poetry Breakfast: “Am I doing This Grieving Thing Correctly?” February 24, 2017

FreezeRay: “My Barbie Dated George Harrison,” Issue 12: January 2017

Rust + Moth: “The Truth About the Hooters Waitress Kidney Transplant,” November 2016

The Orchards Poetry Journal: “I’m Not Crazy But She Is,” August 2016

The Cortland Review: “Crossing Off Days,” with audio, August 2016

Tweetspeak Poetry: The Top 10 Tea poems: “Waking Without Alarm,” August 11, 2016, The Top 10 ‘Red’ Poems: “Rug,” October 2014

Still: The Journal, “If You Plant a Bradford Pear,” June 2016

The Good Men Project: “My Almost Date with a Cowboy, Polebridge Montana,” June 20, 2016

HIV Here and Now Project: “Fruitful Hearts,” April 8, 2016

Snapdragon Journal: “Healing in Cedar Hedge Garden,” Dec 2015, “In My Car, Scenic Bypass, Blue Ridge Mountains,” Fall 2015

As it Ought to Be, Saturday Poetry Series:

“Visitor” and “Life, Act 3,” October 10, 2015

“Drawn Into Circles,” “Teaching Mozart in Stone Mountain Prison,” Nov. 15, 2014


“She Sits Alone in a Red Sequined Sweater at Ruby Tuesdays,” December 2016

“Singing with Beethoven” and “White After Memorial Day,” June 2016

“Ikebana”, “The Economy of Japanese Flower Arranging,“ May 2016

“Passive Sentence Poem,” April 2016

“Appalachian Point of View,” March 2016

“Teaching Mozart in Stone Mountain Prison,” February 2016

“Seagull Morning, Lake Chatuge,” January 2016

“Compassion,” “How to Make Lemonade,” “How to Undo A Kiss,” December 2015

“I Found Mountains”, November 2015

“Two Fine Coaches,” October 2015

“Matilda Waltzing,” September 2015

The Faceting of Forever,” “Mr. Divorce Jimmied the Back Door,” “If Left to Your Own Devices,” “Visitor,” “Birthday Gift to Self,” August, 2015

“In My Car, Scenic Bypass, Blue Ridge Mountains,” July 2015

Atticus Review: “In Football Season I Learn to Appreciate What I Have,” July 2015

Georgia Home and Life: “Peach Stand,” July 7, 2015

Silver Birch Press: “Out Like a Lamb,” June 2, 2015 and “My Perfect House on the Market,” August 2016

Blue Fifth Review: “The Woman Who Can’t Stop Taking Photos of Sunsets,” May 15, 2015

Divorced Women’s Club: “Shoulda Woulda Coulda” and “Untying the Knot” featured on their Facebook page May 17, 2015 and May 9, 2015 respectively

Amarillo Bay: “Warning: Don’t Drive and Cry,” February 2015

Straight Forward Poetry: “Shoulda, Woulda, Coulda”, January 2015

Every Day Poems (T.S. Poetry Press): "Waking Without Alarm," September 23, 2014

Kentucky Review: “Poem that Begins with a Definition,” “My Almost Date with a Cowboy, Polebridge, Montana,” “Diamond Post Divorce,” March 2014

Skive Magazine (Australia):”Matilda Waltzing,” and “Reality Show: Save This Marriage,” (audio here), November 2013;  “Observation No. 1,” “Reduplication” and “Out Like A Lamb,” April 2013

Lascaux Review: “Bessie Arrowood’s Circle of Life,” May 22, 2013

Town Creek Poetry: “Visitor,” Fall 2012

Flycatcher: “Peach Stand,” December 2011

Referential Magazine: “Reunion,” September 2011

Dead Mule Society of Southern Literature: “Appalachian Point of View,” “More than the Means,” “I Found Mountains,” and “Singing with Beethoven,” April 2011

Your Daily Poem: “Drawn into Circles,” April 10, 2011;“It's a Seagull Morning on Lake Chatuge,” January 10, 2011 and “Autumn Story,” October 3, 2010

Wild Goose Poetry Review: “Fruitful Hearts,” November 2010

Kota Press Loss & Compassion Blog: “Twin Lessons,” March 7, 2009