Anthologies & Special Interest Books

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Stay Thirsty Poets, ed. Abrianna Jette (Stay Thirsty Media, 2019): “By Chance” and “Komodo”

The Practicing Poet, ed. Diane Lockward (Terrapin Books, 2018): “What We Women Put Ourselves Through”

Conversing with Cancer, ed. Lisa Sparks, Anna Leahy (Peter Lang Publishing, 2018): “Diagnosis” 

Connoisseurs of Suffering: Poetry for the Journey to Meaning (University Professors Press, 2017): “Burned,” “Echocardiogram,” and “Bessie Arrowood’s Circle of Life”

Crafty Poet II: A Portable Workshop, ed. Diane Lockward (Terrapin Books, 2016), “Daddy Comes Home From Angelo’s Coney Island” and “Changing Steps”

Hysteria: Writing the Female Body, ed. E. Kristin Anderson (Sable Books, forthcoming): “Exposé at Pawley’s Island” and “You Might Be a Latent Ballerina If”

Spark: A Creative Anthology, Vol VII, ed. Brian James Lewis (E&GJ Little Press, 2016): “In a Year”

Circe’s Lament: Anthology of Wild Women Poetry, ed. Bianca Lynne Spriggs and Katerina Stoykova-Klemer (Accents Publishing, 2016)“Zumba with Lady Gaga” 

Stories of Music (Timbre Press, 2015): “Teaching Mozart in Stone Mountain Prison” 

Reach of Song (Georgia Poetry Society, 2015):

Stone, River, Sky: An Anthology of Georgia Poems (Negative Capability Press, 2015): “Poem that Begins with a Definition.”

Weatherings (FutureCycle Press, 2015): “Flowers for You, Japan,” and "She Sat Alone in a Red Sequined Sweater on December 20.”

Reach of Song (Georgia Poetry Society): “Teaching Mozart in Stone Mountain Prison (2009)” Drawn into Circles” (2012) and “Lettuce & Doubt” (2009)

Lascaux Review anthology, editor’s choice selection: “Bessie Arrowood;s Circle of Life,” 2015

Southern Poetry Anthology, Vol 5: Georgia, ed. William Wright and Paul Ruffin (Texas Review Press, 2012): “Singing with Beethoven”

American Society: What Poets See,(FutureCycle Press, 2012): “Are Tattoos The New Birthday Suit?”

Sunrise from Blue Thunder, (Pirene’s Fountain, 2012): “Flowers for You, Japan”

Poetry Hickory Anthology (Main Street Rag, 2011): “Drawn into Circles”

When Last on the Mountain: The View from Writers Over Fifty (Holy Cow! Press, 2010): “Willow Manor,” 2010

Echoes Across the Blue Ridge, (Winding Path Publishing, 2010): “It's a Seagull Morning on Lake Chatuge” and “Autumn Story” 

Clothes Lines (Catawba Publishing, 2009): “You Might be a Latent Ballerina If”