My favorite poets write poems that are understandable, using clear words & images to share stories & truths. I always try to write like that too & hope to touch readers in some positive way. ... inspiring them to laugh, cry a little, or have a yes! moment.

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... read the rest of this poem by Karen Paul Holmes in her book, No Such Thing As Distance (Terrapin Books, 2017)



Karen Paul HOlmes

Lover of words, people, pets, dancing, opera, and French fries... not necessarily in that order.

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Reviews of No Such Thing as Distance

Holmes is "gifted with language and makes it work for her to convey the most intimate and marvelous pieces of our beautiful broken lives." - Grace Cavalieri, Washington Independent Review of Books

These poems are "generous, using straightforward diction and syntax shaped with intelligence and precision, and there is much here to enjoy." - Rebecca Foust Women's Voices for Change

Verse Daily features a poem from No Such Thing as Distance

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