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Valparaiso Poetry Review: “She Knows the Names of Shells,” Spring/Summer 2018

Anesthesiology (Journal of the American Society of Anesthesiologists): "To My Mother in Surgery," forthcoming

Crab Orchard Review: “Jesus Crows,” January 2018

Origins Journal: “Loaded” and “To My Father, Man with 3 Names”, July 2017

Pedestal Magazine: “War Bride,” June 21 2017

Prairie Schooner: “Capturing the Scent of Rain,” June 2017

The Fourth River: “Pinpointing My Anxiety,” Spring 2017

Poet Lore: “Lilacs Easily Outgrow the One Who Planted Them,” Spring 2017

Dunes Review: “L-Shaped House, Packard Avenue,” Spring 2017

Tar River Poetry: “AntFest,” Spring 2017

Bloodshot Journal: “Appalachian Point of View,” forthcoming; “Healing in Cedar Hedge Garden,” February 2015

Slipstream: “Hotel Room, Midnight,” Fall, 2016

Pilgrimage: “Death Prefers Blonds,” Winter 2015

National League of American Pen Women: “Bargaining with Karma,” Nov. 12, 2015

Calamaro: “How to Make Lemonade,” August 2015

Amarillo Bay: “Warning: Don’t Drive and Cry,” February 2015

Sling Magazine: “By Chance,” January 2015

Lascaux Review anthology, editor’s choice selection: “Bessie Arrowood;s Circle of Life,” January 2015

Straight Forward Poetry: “Shoulda, Woulda, Coulda”, January 2015

Iodine Poetry Review: “Echocardiogram,” September 2014

Perfume River Poetry Review: “Eight Places A Woman Loves to Be Touched,” July 2014

The Midwest Quarterly: “The Economy of Japanese Flower Arranging,” Summer 2014

Falling Star: “Mating Instincts,” Summer 2014

POEM Literary Magazine: “Philip’s Bed,” “Rip Current,” and “Teaching Mozart in Stone Mountain Prison,” November 2013.

Skive Magazine (Australia):”Matilda Waltzing,” and “Reality Show: Save This Marriage,” November 2013;  “Observation No. 1,” “Reduplication” and “Out Like A Lamb,” April 2013

Southern Women’s Review, Vol 6, Issue 6: “White After Memorial Day,” January 2013

Main Street Rag: “Too Much Stuff,” Summer 2012

Avocet, A Journal of Nature Poetry: “Sea Turtle Cycles,” Summer 2012

Caesura, “1961,” March 2012

Poetry East: “Prelude,” Fall 2012; “Drawn into Circles,” Spring 2010

Atlanta Review: “Lost in the Louvre,” Winter 2010

The Sow’s Ear Poetry Review: “Ikebana,” Summer 2010